WordPress plugin recommendation for private blog network

Long time no see. Recently, I have been very busy with lots of projects. I will try to write article more often as I could. I promise. ^^

Today I will introduce some WordPress plugins that is recommended for private blog network. I will also explain how good they are. Let’s start!

  1. Mainwp – This plugin help overall managing of all of our wordpress blog. Whether it be version update, plugin setup, theme setup, change setting. Mainwp has main concept as allowing us to setup various plugins on each of our websites. Then we can login into central admin page of Mainwp and manage all of our wordpress web pages at one point.
  2. WordPress SEO – This plugin can be used in place of ‘all in one SEO’. It is a very popular plugin because it helps on generating meta title and description on our web sites automatically.
  3. Author sure – Have you ever seen Google search results that show author’s pictures as a small avatar? The pictures are taken from their profiles such as Google+. This plugin helps link our google+ account and show on the search results. The benefits are that it makes our websites looks like real website, not spamming websites. But we should always use different author’s name for different websites.
  4. XML sitemap & Google new feeds – This is a plugin that will generate sitemap file for us automatically. The sitemap file is like a map for google bot to come get information on our website easily. Allowing Google to index our web site more quickly.
  5. Table of Content plus – ever seen that some big web site with long contents like Wikipedia has contents on top. This plugin will help to create a table of contents for our posts which make our articles look good in the eyes of Google bot.
  6. Contact form 7 – This plugin helps build contact form. Why do we need a contact form? It is just a private blog network. Who is going to contact us? Don’t you think? But I want to let you know that in making private blog network, we need to do everything just like real websites. And real websites have contact form (even though no one will contact.) Just make our websites real ones.
  7. Akismet – This plugin originally comes with WordPress. It helps you manage spam comments perfectly.

I hope that this article is useful as I had many people asking about this topic. When I am more available, I will come and update more.

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