Why private blog network is a good long-term investment

Hello my reader. You don’t have to know who I am. You don’t have to care where I come from. But what you will learn from this blog is making successful private blog network. You may have heard ‘bout private blog network can easily help boost your SEO ranking. The only problem you have is you don’t know how to do or even how to start!!!

We start from the basic. Let’s talk about what private blog network is.

Before going into what private blog network is, I like to tell you about the evolution of Google briefly. As Google main job is to deliver the best search result user wants to read. In the earlier, Google considers the number of links to web pages. The more links, the better ranks for those websites. These links are called backlinks. For example, we read this blog and find it useful, so we put a link to this blog on other website, we share it on facebook, we share it on related forum.

When those SEO specialists know that backlink is important in ranking webpages, they make use of it. They put thousands of backlinks onto a single website. Google must adapt their algorithm that backlinks will get points for ranking webpages must be only backlink from different websites, different places.

Implementing private blog network is making several different blogs on different hosts and put backlinks back to our main website. Now we are getting backlinks from various different websites.

For making private blog network, there are lots of details that we need to know. I will cover to many topic later in this blog.

At this point, there is a question, “Normally, I do SEO by posting on various web boards. Do I need to do private blog network?” If you want to control many different factors, you should do it. For example, if you post to web boards, you must follow their rules of posting. If not, they may delete your posts. However, if you have your own private blog network, you can do whatever you want. You may adjust your web so it suits to new algorithm. I 100% guarantee that it will not backfire you. If you do post on other web boards, you must find new web board and continue to do so indefinitely.

Why do I say that blog network is a good long-term investment?

We can configure our blog network as we like because it belongs to us. If we make it good, it will boost your ranking. When we make our web and want to increase our ranking on the search engine, we only need to place backlinks from our private blog network. By having blog network with expired domain, you will have the most valuable asset in the long term. Let’s compare the money you must spend in hiring other to do SEO. They charge you by keywords. The cost depends on the quality of the service providers. But the point is you must pay per keyword for rank. It can accumulate and costs you a lot comparing to making your blog network that we own to ourselves. In the long run, it is worth it as we can put as many keywords as we want. Unlimited. In addition, you can use your private blog network to generate your revenue in the future, for example by offering SEO service yourself.

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