What is Core Search Algorithm Update?

Many people were speculating the Google search update as a Penguin or Panda update which took place in couple of weeks at the start of January 2016, but it was confirmed later by Google that it is not more than just a ‘Core Search Algorithm Update’.

Several website owners noticed a huge shuffle in the rankings while entering the new year 2016 and the news which was really important was that Panda algorithm is no longer a standalone one but has merged into the core search algorithm. This core search algorithm update was launched on 10th January 2016 followed by a major update on 16th January 2016. It was aimed at a range of search quality parameters and affecting websites globally.

This update was a clear indication by Google that content quality is the most important thing on which you should focus immensely if you are a blog/website owner. Some of the data and webmaster reports convey that the ones who gained the most were those who had perfectly optimized the category URL’s and properly interlinked their website content.

If you would ask me, I would say tailor and curate your content in such a way that it is easy for the visitors to locate what they want to find.

Is PBN going to be dead after this update?

This is the question that is probably going through your mind if you are a online marketer who earns a living by creating websites focusing on different profitable keywords. Well, you would be surprised to know that the answer to this question is ‘NO’, though the conditions do apply.

A private blog network has been a very successful weapon and can help you quickly improve the rankings of any website. PBNs have proved their worth by increasing the rankings of websites in almost every niche and people are making $$ to $$$$$$ figures per month from their money sites.

It is believed by a lot of smart and successful SEO’s that PBNs will still be very effective in the coming years regardless of the core search algorithm update. Check some of the facts and figures which were recorded based on an experiment we conducted on a number of money sites. You will certainly feel the power of PBNs:

  • 74% of all sites that built a private blog network saw improved rankings



  • The % increase in rankings was on average 42% better (example a site currently ranked 14 will improve to Rank 10 on average)
  • Results were quick and very sustainable
  • Better the metrics of the expired domains used to build the PBN, better the search engine rankings
  • There are also some very successful and famous people who have ranked their money sites. Some to name are Tung Tran from com who sold his website bestadjustabledumbells.com for $10k after ranking it #1 in just 38 days.


  • Jon Haver from AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com created PayMyStudentLoans.com which generated over $3k/month from search engine traffic. He has even shared some secret ideas on his website about how he used to pick relevant expired domains and redirected them to the individual posts. He claimed that this websites was highly promoted using a strong private blog network.


Tips to build a powerful and safe PBN today and in future

By now, I am pretty sure that you all are convinced that PBN is all time win strategy which you should follow if you are willing to rank on Google for your favorite keywords. PBN is not rocket science because hundreds of people today own PBNs ranging from a 5-site to 100 or even 1000-site PBNs and making tons of money using these.

What makes these people stand out? How do they build such a PBN which is risk-free and very powerful? Below are some of the super exciting tips from my side which can help you as well to build such PBNs which would help you to achieve sustainable rankings for your money site.

#1 Select relevant domains, register and host them privately

An expired domain must have good metrics with a good TF/CF and DA. Make sure that the count of the metrics is at least 15 and is relevant to your niche. It is strongly advised to register those domains with different accounts and host them on unique A or C class IP addresses which helps you not leave a footprint and stay safe from Google penalties.

#2 Avoid thin content and nurture your site regularly

There are two ways by which you can build content for your expired domain PBN site. One way is to create new blog posts which are relevant to the domain and the other way is to restore the content (text or images) that used to reside on the previous version of the website. It is a good practice though care needs to be taken as it might be possible that a new version of the old website may be existing.

Always keep the content on the website thick and relevant to the niche. It will help you to build authority for the PBN sites in the eyes of Google and the links from these domains will pass more juice to the main site eventually.

#3 Social signals and Link placement/velocity

It is a good idea to throw some social signals at the PBN sites as it wouldn’t look natural if one high authority websites are rebuilt and suddenly pointing to a random website. The last and the most important thing which I want you to take care of is the link placement or link velocity.

Make it a practice to use PBNs as a supplement and not rely totally on them. 80-90% of your links should come from internal pages like guest posts, business listings, branded properties, or niche blog/forum comments.



If the PBN links occupy 4-20% space on your overall link profile, then you are pretty safe and make sure you maintain good interval while adding links.

In this race of SEO if you (racer) drive too fast, you would be knocked down by Google (police). So the slow and steady wins the race here. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to comment below and discuss, I will be happy to help you.

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