Types of articles that Google loves for private blog network

Hi :) I am back as promised. Last time I didn’t tell you about types of posts that Google loves. This issue is very important in having a say about 70% in making successful private blog network without getting deindexed. Before starting, I want to tell the opposite side which is what kind of posts that Google doesn’t like. You definitely don’t do it. Otherwise what you have done will be a waste. It will gun down your web site’s ranking. Waste of time and money.

Post types you should avoid

  1. Scrape content – Those posts that scrape contents from other websites and insert keywords. This technique used to work very well in the past 3-4 years ago. It is simple and easy to do for people who can code scripts. The scripts will just extract news and contents then add a number of keywords and backlinks. Then they spin the post and make it look different and put it on different websites. These posts are usually crap and very low quality of content. And most importantly, the contents are not related to the keywords inserted. For example, the contents are about politics news, but the keywords are about selling clothes. This is weird, don’t you think. Now Google can detect this kind of posts even if they are posted in non-English language.
  2. Very short content – Someone writes their own posts but write it very short about 1 paragraph or less than 500 words. These short posts will not help for ranking, just waste of time.
  3. Too much exact keyword anchor in the post – Those posts that include links by using keyword anchor for every link. The links have the same pattern. Generally, if we use a script to automatically post articles, they will likely forget this point. They do not adjust so the posts look differently on link pattern. The post looks good, self-written, at least 500 words, but the link keywords have the same pattern, the same place on every post. Anything that has a pattern, It’s footprint and Google will detect and deindex your pbn.

Think about it carefully, you invest a lot of money on your expired domain, hosting, but you are stuck with lousy SEO. You are too lazy to write your own quality content (Or hire someone who good at it). You are killing yourself. You are wasting your money doing a private blog network.

Now you know what types of post are bad. I will explain what types of post are counted in quality content. If you remember my previous post How to make your pbn look likes real website, you should think further what we should do to make it look like real websites. I simply think this way. Normally, people who write blogs write about things they know best. They will put their own style or their personality into their posts. This is called ‘personas.’ Simply put, when we talk about particular blogs or personalities for example yoast.com, nice cartoon pictures with an author description in the post footer. You may complain at this point. What a waste of time to build ‘personas!’ I would have to tell you my simple way of building personas. I use various author plugins and that will make the author part in the footer of post nicely. It will show information on the authors of the posts. You only do it once. Write about the person, who he/she is, what his/her lifestyle, why writing this blog, for example. We can build personas for several authors in one blog.


You may search for author plugin in wordpress and try it out. For me, I use “simple author box”

After we build a personality of the author for our blog, we will write articles. I suggest that you write your own article. However, I know that it will be a big task for you to write lots of articles, you may hire some freelance writer to do it at low cost. I will talk about how to hire freelance writer later. Of course, the length of articles should be longer than 500 words. a 1000-word article is called long-formed.

Types of articles that Google loves

  1. Long-formed article – This type of articles is very popular. Long articles with good contents together with pictures or video clips are what we are looking for. This type of article takes lots of time to prepare but it especially fits for content marketing. We do not expect only results of SEO but when people read these articles, they get something back and will want to buy our product.
  2. How-to article – This type of article is very popular. Try Googling on how to write how-to articles. Search for several how-to articles and mix them using our own style of language. It is as easy as that.
  3. Ranking or collecting article – for example, top ten house plans, top seven buffets in town, 5 ways to ranking in Google.

How often do we post?

Someone expect Google bot to visit their website frequently by update content too much. In fact, posting articles too frequent may have a reverse effect if all articles doesn’t have a quality threshold. Google uses bot to crawl webpages and they make it very quick to do index of webpages nowadays. In my own opinion, I post only quality articles and I don’t care about the number of articles. I usually post one article for one targeted keyword.

What type of links is best?

I believe that I wrote about this topic before. Today, you should avoid setting private blog network using keywords as anchor text in every of your articles. It is a risk as Google has algorithm that can detect it. You will possibly get deindexed using lots of keywords as anchors. For me, I will mix among three types which are keyword, sentence and website name or URL of that web site.

Today’s article is a bit long because this is a long-formed article. Ha ha. Hope you will get something from it. If you have any question, please write a comment to me. Thank you very much.

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