Should we use wordpress for all of our pbn?

Hello. It’s been a month since I started this blog. I have continued writing blogs about how to setup private blog networks. The blogs are about how to register for servers, domain name, find hosting. At this point, we come to how to setup websites. I have a lot of questions on this issue. What cms should I use for setting up website? Should I use wordpress for all of my websites? I will answer these questions today.

Why do 90% of private networks use WordPress?

  1. Because WordPress is easy to use and setup. It is a content management system that people around the world like to use. And it is FREE!!!
  2. There are many plugins and themes for you to choose from. Changing WordPress themes is a matter of a few clicks.
  3. There are a variety of automated script for managing wordpress via XMLRPC.

So it is not unusual that WordPress is most popular among websites. But the question is, ‘is it safe for our private blog network hosted with WordPress for all of our websites?” Let’s look at the following statistics from the worldwide usage of CMS shown in the graph below.


WordPress usages are almost half of all websites worldwide.

Seeing this graph, I will have to say it is safe to use WordPress to setup all of your websites for the reason that most people use it. And it is not reasonable that Google will ban websites by using wordpress, don’t you think?

In fact, Google policy for banning websites is purely on the websites characteristic itself, not about CMS you are using. As long as Google detects that your website is a spam, whatever CMS you use, you will always get banned.

If I don’t use WordPress, what is your recommendation?

  1. You may use less popular CMSs such as Drupal or Joomla.
  2. You may write your own webs using Html. If you know Html syntax, I recommend it. It is the safest method as you will have different structures for each of your web pages.

Happy making private blog network ^^

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