Quality approach to find expired domain – Backlink profile

My previous article talks about how to find expired for private blog network. But that may not be enough for finding quality domain because the various indicator such as domain authority, number of backlinks are the indicator in quantity. It means that not every domain that has high DA will be a quality domain.

When I am at this point, some may wonder what will inherently tell the quality of a domain then. My answer is backlink profile and equipped with type and characteristics of websites in the past.

Let me explain briefly about the meaning of backlink profile. Backlink profile is a characteristic of backlinks that point to that domain. Backlink profile tells about what that link is about, whether a spam link or not. Are there links from different various domains? Or are they from the same domain? Are they distributed among several different servers?

For checking backlink for specific domain, I recommend ahrefs.com for detailed information. It has a service fee for using it though. There is free web service but give limited information. If you use very often, I think it is worth. The way it works is very simple. You simply put in the domain name you want to check. It will display any backlinks belong to that domain. Once you get the name, you can check the backlink list one by one. All in all, domain that I think should avoid for setting up my private blog network will have the following criteria.

  1. There are links from spam websites, porn websites, or illegal product websites.
  2. Link anchor uses too many keywords which means this domain may be used for private blog network before.
  3. There are clusters of links from very few domains. Or there are links from side-wide links (those from footer, blogroll)

May I end this article bluntly? In the future, I will take on some case study in finding domain for you.

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