Private blog network – The golden rule

Some of you may have experiences setting up private blog networks for improving ranks on Google. Some may just be confused with the steps, which in turn yielding unsatisfying results. So today, I will come and reveal important factors that are called golden rules for private blog networks. If you follow these rules, the risk of getting deindexed will be lowered or never.

The rules I mentioned is “the rules of no patterns”. Or simply said, whatever you do, try to make each of your websites of different patterns.

When you started doing your private blog networks, you may have heard that you must have domain with PR 3 or above. That is not wrong. But if you imagine that your network consists of 100 websites all of which have PR 3. In the Google eyes, “why are all backlinks to this websites have PR3?” This is very unlikely of course. There is no website that can specify all of their own PR values of backlink. Do you get the picture?

So the rule of non-pattern tells us that we should not make our web using the same pattern. We should register for domain with PR, no PR, some expired, some new. This gives your network a natural look.

It is the same for making websites, someone has systematically set up their websites using the same pattern. Using links on footer and blogroll all the time. Same categories; posting articles at the same time; using the same theme on their websites. If Google judges one of these websites as spamming websites, they will start looking for other websites that have similar pattern. If they found these websites, they will deindex all of them. Very cruel indeed!

If we now employ no-pattern rule – when Google found one low-quality websites, and try to search for other websites with the same/similar pattern. As we already make our websites with different patterns, so the risk of them finding all of our websites will be much decreased.

Now someone may have questions that “What about links in article? How do you make it follow the no-pattern rule?” As many people get to the point and set up their blog network by putting link using keyword anchor. I want you to simply follow my reasoning as follow. Normally, people will link to your website when they think your web is good and useful. They want to introduce good websites on their page. What do they do with the link? Keywords, sentences, or direct URLs? I believe that the direct URLs method is the most popular one. However, what I suggest to you is to mix all of these types of keyword anchor.

Keyword anchor is the name displayed for link, for example this is a keyword. We call “this is a keyword” the keyword anchor.

It is true that link using keyword may gain more points from Google. But today Google uses percentage of keyword anchor as ways for punishment too. It means if you use too many keywords as anchor text, you may get banned. What I want you to know is that Google used to rely on keyword anchor when analyzing backlinks. For example, if you start a website for marketing Samsung Galaxy note 4 and the links are from keyword ‘Samsung Galaxy note 4,’ there will be more points than links from other keywords. But for today Google’s algorithm gets smarter and they rely need less and less for anchor keyword. Google can look at the context of an article whether what anchor text is. All in all, even you put your links as direct URLs to point to your website, Google will know what your website is all about.

Keep it in your mind always, “make private network, no pattern.”

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