Private blog network security hardening guide for wordpress

When you own a website online, the worst part is the fear of it getting hacked by someone. WordPress websites are actually vulnerable to security attacks and are hacked a lot in the recent times. You might want to be curious to find out what exactly can make your sites loved by hackers if you own a huge PBN network and want them to be safe. A hacked website can be really bad for your business as well as for your readers today since a lot of people rely only on the online data.

According to statistics From 40,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks.



It is really important to make sure that your site isn’t hacked if your website contains a lot of data, some of which may be confidential as well. If the hackers can get access to a large user base it might be possible that they may harass them in some way or the other. So if you own a business website, a blog or a PBN for your client or your websites, it is advisable to have a secure circumference around all your websites to keep them safe.

Google had taken a serious action on all the .co & .cc hosts which were known as the free hosts and de-indexed almost all websites running on them. The main reason for this was because of a lot of spammy or low-quality sites were running on both of these hosts. Matt Cutts stated about this in a post on Google+ as well.

Root Possible Cause of your site being Hacked

There may be several reasons why and more importantly how your PBN site may get hacked when you are on WordPress. In this section, we will discuss some of the common reasons regarding which you can take precautions in order to keep your PBN sites secure from the hacker attacks.

Weak Login Details

Most of the experienced hackers know that the default username of WordPress website is admin when it is installed for the first time. It is very easy for them in order to crack further as it is quite obvious that the password would be predictable as well.

This could be a huge threat for your PBN security if you do not take it into consideration though it might seem a very minute issue to you.

Nulled Theme/Plugin/Script

There a lot of sources on the Internet from where you can download themes, plugins and free scripts which you seek because you don’t have enough funds to buy the premium ones. But you need to be careful here as they might be infected or contain malicious files which could hurt your site.

Weak Hosts

As we talked about .co & .cc at the start of the article and how Google slammed all the websites which were running on these hosts. Avoid hosting your PBN sites on those hosts who do not monitor their servers and don’t update/patch system on a regular basis.

You can even diagnose your website for checking the hacked status by checking the Google Webmasters account for any messages regarding the malicious behavior of the website. The visitors can usually see an image similar to the below one when a site is attacked by a hacker.


How to Prevent a Website from getting Hacked

There are several measures and tweaks which can implement in order to keep their WordPress site and improve their PBN security. Some of the best and easiest ways are listed below so make sure you go through each of them. Security breaches can be avoided easily by following the below methods, so let’s have a look at them now.

  1. Always update the themes and plugins used on your website to the latest version.
  2. Take regular backups of your databases and files on the site, store them somewhere else and not on the same server.
  3. Regularly scan your WordPress website using some plugins like WordFence, Bullet Proof Security plugin or Better WP security plugin.
  4. If you have a budget, try using a managed WP host that guarantees full security of your website (scans your installations and takes backups regularly)
  5. Use premium plugins which can take full backups of all your data and sends them to your preferred storage location.

Taking precautions and always keeping a check on your website can save you from all these headaches of being hacked or reviving your website from a hacker attack. It’s quite easy to follow the above-mentioned tweaks which you can easily implement and keep your PBN secure in the long run.

Websites are basically your identity in the online world and making sure they aren’t defamed by some playful people is very important. We covered some important aspects in this PBN security guide and hope that you all will be able to secure your PBN sites using the methods shared. Feel free to comment below and fire your queries so that we can get you covered and solve all your doubts. Let us know if you have any good solutions which we missed out here. Keep reading, cheers!

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