How to make your pbn look likes real website

Today I talk to the famous SEO professionals who work with large SEO company. He said private blog network is still the key success for ranking. He use private blog network in improving ranking for his customers’ websites as it yields good and effective results. We discuss if we ever get de-indexed. I get a know-how update from this specialist in setting up private blog network. Many things he said confirm my internal research. I want to share what I know with everybody here today.

Nowadays, we must set up pbn as though it is a real website. What? Isn’t a blog network a real website? What is real website then? What I mean by real websites is not a crappy website. It is not a quick setup website. It is the web that you want to make it perfect. Each website should have real identity. So I will talk today how a real website should look like. What do we need to have? Let’s start! (Since I use wordpress for pbn, this article is based on wordpress. If you use other scripts, you may adapt the concept discussed here with them.)

  1. The name of the blog’s author should be different – when we setup WordPress, we can indicate the admin’s name. Here we should use different names for each blog.
  2. Use different themes on each website – today, it is super easy. There are thousands of WordPress theme for you to choose from and they are free!!!
  3. Apply for social network account for each blog – quality web page that is carefully setup always has facebook, twitter to encourage viewer’s engagement. If we are diligent enough (only one-time setup), we should apply one account for each blog. Now our blog network will look more professional. Or when you register for domain name, you should look for domain that already has facebook/twitter account. It will be much better as you will have those facebook/twitter accounts with followers.
  4. Add privacy/contact/term of use page – these pages will appear on every big website. When we setup our private blog network, we can set these up altogether. The techniques are mixing various names; don’t use the same name on every blog. For example, use ‘contact us’, ‘get in touch’, ‘contact’, or ‘send email’.
  5. Permalink setting – WordPress has a link system that is called ‘permalink’ that allows us to configure the link formats on our web page. Go to setting > permalink. Don’t set it using the same format on every blog.
  6. General information on website – it is very important that you setup general information of web page, slogan such that they make your web pages look really really beautiful. Make them as various as possible on each of your blogs. You may follow your web page name, for example we may use the blog title as ‘Fast mover get rich – the fastest way to get rich’ for domain name ‘’. Someone set up private blog network by hiring someone to design different logos for each blog. They put an investment on their blog network. If we are on low budget, we can easily design our own logos. Don’t have to be fancy logos just not the same logo in each blog.

In addition to the 6 techniques I share today, there are some other good techniques that I didn’t mention. But what you should remember is how good web sites look like. You should setup yours that way. Make it look real. You should make your web sites look real. There is another important issue that can be the most important one is the articles themselves. Next time, I will explain to you what type of articles that a good private blog network should have.

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