How to get cheap but decent article for pbn

Finding a good writer who can help you get done with a superb article in budget is a headache which most of the website owners have today. Getting high-quality articles written for an affordable price is one the pillars of my online success.

Having a website with powerful content can make Matt Cutts favor your website in the Google SERP’s without any excuses. In this article, I will share some of my measures and secrets which I use to analyze a writer and how he himself agrees to write a good HQ article for a cheap price.

What can you do to lower the price of the article?

Before hiring a writer and dealing with the price, make sure you follow the below steps which can really help you to lower the article price which you will be buying.

  1. Explain in detail: Try noting down what exactly you need from the writer who will be completing the article. The mindset of a write is that he will have to do extensive research about the particular topic which will consume a lot of his time and hence he charges you more. What I usually do is that I prepare a quick, straightforward and small outline for each article and hand it over to my writer. Now, since he knows what exactly needs to be done, the price would be much lower comparable.
  1. Time: Time becomes a very vital aspect when it comes to article writing. The writer may charge you high if time is a constraint so try giving a good amount of time to your writer to complete it.
  1. Stick to one writer: This might be a very good tip for you if you are looking to find a good high quality as well as affordable writer. It’s advisable to keep one writer happy who caters your needs and build a long-term relationship with him.

How you can get a Good Article for just $1?

My recipe is quite simple and unique which can help you all to get a good quality article in $1 only. These ideas have never been shared on the Internet and today I am sharing this with you because I know the pain to find a good writer who suits best for my budget.

Article writing is done best when it is not completed just for the sake of writing. A writer who understands what exactly the readers wants to know is a successful writer. Below are the steps which you can follow to get an article as cheap as $1.

There may be different choices like hiring Filipino writers or using TextBroker where a 4-star writer charges $20 for 500 words. I ended up in getting low-quality content from the first option and the second one seems quite expensive since I have about 50+ articles and it seems a risky investment.

  • Post on Job Boards: It is a good idea to post on the different job boards like Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr and buy articles in bulk so that you get them at a cheaper rate. An example would be to post a job titled ‘Want 50 articles for my PBN’ and then post your budget. There are thousands of hidden faces who write well and can fulfil your demand at an affordable rate

You can create or use the below template while posting on a job board,

—- Article Writer Post —

I have a quick 10 article writing job if you are interested in getting some 5* feedback on your ODesk profile and potential long term work.

I will provide you with the article titles and would like you to research them and then write 500-word articles


– Native English

– Interested in completing this job quickly for the fixed bid amount and receiving 5* feedback

– interested in potential longer term writing assignment after the successful completion of this job

– Bid at or below the $20 for 10 articles

—- Article Writer Post —

  • Facebook Groups: This is a great way to find quality writers who can be really fruitful in the long-term. There are some quality SEO and marketplace groups on Facebook like The Proper PBN and PBN, SEO, IM marketplace where a lot of writers are looking to work for clients. You can post what you need and get a high quality writer at a good price by negotiating through direct communication
  • iWriter: The article on iWriter have great potential and choosing someone from here can be really helpful for you as well. They have different categories of writers and even a basic ‘Standard‘ category writer can be useful to you if you are looking PBN quality content at a very cheap rate. Keep in mind to provide a brief outline of each article so the person writing has a clear vision to proceed

Final Thought

I agree that finding a good article writer can be a tough task as even I, have come across dozens of writers but found out that only 1 or 2 are really good and worth the buck I am paying. Also, if you can’t realize that the writer you are using is producing good or bad quality article then it might be a waste of your hard-earned money.

It would not be hard if you keep in mind the detailed points that I have discussed in this post. Why? Because I have followed the same elements and have found some irreplaceable writers who provide me exactly what I need.

If you ask me which is the best methods out of the 3, I would say direct communication while talking to people on relevant Facebook groups has proven to be the most effective one and I would also recommend that to you all and hope you find out the writer who is made for you.

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