How I have 101 online stores by using private blog network

Today I am going to introduce you to a little trick on how to increase your revenue. For those who have online websites, you may already have your main web page for selling shoes, water pumps, pet stuff, etc. Then you could do SEO by building your own private blog network. Suppose you build your network of 100 IPs (100 domains or websites), that means you own 101 websites (100 + 1 main web page).

Have you ever noticed that you have online competitors selling the same thing as you do; these websites spread all over the Internet. As you may or may not know, these web pages belong to the same owner. Suppose that you sell a brand of shoes that your competitors also sell. They have 10 web pages. That means you virtually are selling against 10 other competitors in the online market.

Simply said, you have 101 websites, why don’t you make it your small virtual online shops? Then you will now own 101 online shops and that will also save you from having to rent space from brick and mortar shopping mall. The method is not very complicated. You only need to do websites and review your products. You tell people how good your products are, demonstrate to your customers how your products are used, and then leave your contact information.

Now this technique will certainly increase your sales channels and your sales revenues. But you should be careful for the following. If you ever come across my previous posts about private blog network, you may already knew that you should not leave any footprints or any information that are duplicated in all of your web pages. Google can detect these footprints and finds out that they belong to the same owner. By putting the same contact information, phone number, the shop name, you will leave the same footprints for Google. Of course, I will not recommend you to put lots of phone numbers as you would have 100 different numbers and that is not possible. What I suggest for you to do is very simple. You will turn your contact information into images. Design different styles of your image for contact information. Google cannot detect image information just yet. So it should be safe to use this method. One important thing is to change your file names for different images to further conceal your identity.

That’s it!

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