Domain registration guide for private blog network

After previous article, there are some questions about how should we register for domain name. Today I will try to briefly write about this issue as time is limited. I will divide into two main topics.

  1. New domain, never registered before – in this case, we register new domain. Setting up blog networks with new domain may take time to rank because new domain doesn’t have backlinks and authority. We need to find backlinks to our blog networks constantly in the first 3-6 months. So Google bot will come visit our websites regularly. There are other questions that what about domain name? How to choose them?  I will tell you by example, if your product is about shoes and you don’t sell any other products, then include keyword ‘shoe’ in your domains. This will increase link relevancy. (link from a relevant domain.) But if you want to sell many products, you can register for any name.
  2. Expired domain – My last article talks about rough criteria in finding quality expired domains for your pbn. Registering for this type of domain, we don’t have to be concern of the names. As finding quality domain and related keyword altogether is very very difficult. Almost impossible. (but if you could, it is better) You should look for criteria such as DA,PA,CF,TF, and number of backlinks. Note that, you may find expired domain in broad topic such as if you are on cancer niche, you can find expired domain related to health which easier to find.

There are also questions about should we register with domain whois privacy option. Usually when we register for domain, whether with Godaddy namecheap,, they will have an option for you to choose. You can choose to hide domain registrant information at this point. I would like to explain for newbies here (pro can skip this part). Usually when we register for domain, the information about domain owner such as owner name, address, and email can be looked up through ‘whois’ website. In setting up private blog network, we need to have each of our domain have different owners. So Google will look that backlinks from these web sites are from different owners. All in all, if you don’t have domain whois privacy, then you must register your domains on different owners. You may register using the same account and then change your domain contact information later.

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