Hosting guide for private blog network

Hello. I have skipped posting for several days. I have been very busy lately with my unfinished project. But I miss you guys so I come and write a sequel to how to choose hosting for pbn. In the last post, I have explained that what types of hosting that you should avoid. Today, I will explain in more detail about the criteria for choosing hosting for private blog network. I will define corresponding tags for each topic into two types: (1) ‘IMPORTANT’ meaning there must be this property, and (2) ‘PREFER’ meaning it is better for hosting to have this property. Let’s start.

  1. Different name server for each IPIMPORTANT – Before choosing web hosting for pbn, you must ask them “Do they have different name servers for each IPs?” It is no benefit if you have different IPs but the same name server. There will be ‘footprints’ for Google to track from the name server if your blog network belongs to the same owner. You will get all deindexed!!
  2. IPs must be different at least in C classIMPORTANT - if you don’t understand what A/B/C class IP is, follow the link.
  3. Each ip is in different servers or different locationsPREFER – in setting private network, it will be best if you host different websites on different server or different location. This is because if all of your IPs whether it be class A/B/C but they are on the same server, Google will be able to see the relationship among them. So try to choose service provider that have many hosting on different locations around the world.
  4. Hosting that have IPs from different class A/BPREFER – Results of research and test from website show that high ranking website for high competitive keywords usually have backlinks from high portion of A/B class.
  1. Hosting that provides service on dedicated IPPREFER – Dedicated IP is an IP that belongs to you only. You are the only owner of that IP. No one can use it. In practice, it is safer, but the drawback is dedicated IP is more expensive.

In practice, there is no service provider that can service on dedicated IP in different location. So my advice is to choose either service provider with A/B class that provide servers in different location or service provider with dedicated IP in different A/B/C class.

A/B/C class explaination in term of SEO

Today I am very busy. But I can spare a little of my time to write this article. I want to write on a topic that many of you should already know about the IP for difference of class A/B/C. But it may be a little confusing for newbies. Usually IP addresses that we use today consist of 4 parts.


When we say IP with different C class, that means the IP addresses are different in part CCC and illustrated as For example, and; these two IPs have different C class because 23.223.12.xx and 23.223.23.xx are different but the part A and B are the same which is 23.223.xx.xx

When we say IP with different B class, that means the IP addresses are different in part BBB and illustrated as For example, and; these two IPs have different B class because 23.223.xx.xx and 23.250.xx.xx are different but the part A is the same as it begins with 23.

Some are confused with the above example and Are these IPs different C class or not? Some may be mistaken as not because the position is the same 15, which is wrong. When you look at IP, you must look at the whole set of number which is 23.223.15.xx is different from 23.250.15.xx is called different C class.

IPs with different A class is the most difficult to find. There are not many service providers that can provide a lot of class A IPs in the order of 100s. Different A class can be noticed at the first set of IPs. For example, and are of different A class, B class and C class with the rules I just explained.

So don’t be confused when buying hosting for private blog network. We want C class but the service provider have different B class (which is better). We are usually mistaken that we want C class, why sell me B class. In fact, different B class IPs will be different C class IPs by default. If you have different A class, then it will be of different B/C class. Is this clear? Comment below if you have any question.

SEO hosting exposed – Hosting to avoid

Hello again. I hope the previous articles will be useful in having you understand how to setup private blog network. The next step I want to discuss in this article is also very important. It is how to choose hosting that you will use for your private network. Which type is good?

Let me start from ‘not-to-do’ list or ‘blacklist’ for hosting that you should avoid as they will create so many footprints to the point that Google bot can track easily that they are all belonged to the same owner.

Normally, SEO hosting on the market such as seohosting, aseohosting, seowebhosting, and seohost will give you C class IPs. Even these IPs are at different C class, they are not quality IPs because of all of these IPs being in the same server and that will leave a big footprint for Google.

Want to see a clear picture? In this article I want to bring you to look at results of a little test

I have ordered SEO hosting from a service provider that provides C class IPs but on the same server. I got the following IPs:


The technique we test is called ‘trace route’ which can identify the location of the destination IPs by employing the web page

If you click these 10 links above, you will see that each and every IP will point one or two servers only.



Imagine that if you do backlinks from this private blog network that hosted on the same server, Google will be tracked those pbn easily. Even these links are from many different domains, but they are on the same server.

So you should avoid this type of SEO hosting if you want to rent one for your private network.

And what type of host that is good for private blog network. To be continue tomorrow.