Backlinking for pbn – The best practice

This is a very common issue found when building private blog networks. How to put backlinks on private blog networks to get the best result? Today I want to tell you ways of placing links and their pros and cons, so you can decide where you will put your links.

There are three main parts for links to webpages

  1. Links from sidebar/blog roll/neighbor pages
  2. Links from website’s footer
  3. Links from blog posts

Links 1 and 2 is a site-wide link because they are setup once and will be shown on every page of your websites. Even though the number of exposure is high, the risk is that Google may consider them as spam links. As you set it up once and the links are shown on all of your 100 pages, there will be 100 backlinks for one page. If your web is not really popular, this way of placing links will have a bad effect for your website. You should be careful about putting backlinks in your private blog network. Do not put the same set of links into every of your pbn. Think about it, you make such perfect websites. You put different materials, different themes into your blog network. But your links are the same on your sidebar or footer sections. That is an obvious footprint.

The links number 3 are links that are placed within the article. It is recommended and popular way to put these links as they have more power than any other links on your web pages. However, you should be careful if you put links on your web posts. If you put links using only keyword anchor, it is possible that Google can detect your private blog network. Thus deindex them. (Actually, Google uses density of keyword anchor as one parameter to determine web spam). So my recommendation is to mix all of the 3 types of links as following.

  1. Use keyword as link anchor.
  2. Use sentences as link anchor.
  3. Use URL or brand or website name as link anchor.

What about the position and the number of links per post?

It depends. In general, you should not put more than 3 links per article. You should not link to the same web page. For links position, you should place it within the blog post or you may make it as references just like Wikipedia does.

That’s it for today. Hope it helps you to make great private blog network. ^^

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