3 Tools to find good expired domain for your PBN

Ranking my websites using a PBN has always been speedy, easier and sustainable for me since ever. As you all might be knowing a PBN is basically a network of niche relevant aged websites with good metrics. An expired domain can be found on a lot of websites but if you have a list of metrics to be taken care of before choosing one, it might be similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

Today I decided to write this article because many friends have been asking me how I find so many expired domains for my PBN’s so easily. Well, a lot of experience comes into action here but there are some quick metrics you can take care of while choosing an expired domain that would work in the best way for you. Some of the important metrics would be:

  • Trust Flow & Citation Flow: 15+
  • Domain Authority: 20+
  • Referring Domains: 100+
  • Domain Age: 2+ years at least
  • Has links pointing to it from some authority websites

Well, this might be some of the quick things you might want to make sure about the domains you are looking to buy but the most important part is that you would want a place where you can find such domains. I have used 3 services and will be comparing them to help you out choose the best. PBN domain brokers are really vital to choose as they decide whether the time you will invest in searching will actually get you the kind of expired domain you wanted eventually.

Where to Find Expired Domains


If you are looking out for a free service which offers you a lot of features, then ExpiredDomains is a very good choice as it allows you to have a look at the expired domains and the important metrics right on its homepage. Expired Domains has a lot of information about the expired as well as deleted domains. If you are a member (it provides a free Sign-Up) then you can see everything about the particular domain.



What provides?

  • ExpiredDomains has a collection of about 30 TLD’s from which you can choose to buy
  • It updates the list once every 24 hours in order to add the fresh expired domains
  • It has a variety of filters to check the domain name, length, PR, back-links and some additional filters as well
  • You can even use ‘Saved Searches’ to find domains of one kind the next time you want to
  • If you enable E-Mail Updates you will get 1x e-mail per day with new found Domains that match your defined search
  • Though this tool will take a lot of your time for searching the expired domains with preferred SEO metrics but it is a great free service to use if you are low on the budget



PBNlab has grown a lot over the months as Scott over there has developed an excellent expired domain crawler which is a monster to find some great expired domains for your PBN. Finding a domain is as simple as filling in the blanks and clicking on a button, the rest will be done by the PBNLab domain crawler spider. I have personally used PBNLab for finding expired domains and it has proved to be great as I could find many niche relevant high authority domains in a very short time.

What provides?

  • You need to add a keyword phrase so that the expired domain crawler can search for good domains
  • Focus on to generate keyword phrases for crawling, which include “who, what, when, where, professions, communities and how”



  • Start a job, add your keyword phrase in the keyword field, wait for the seed URL’s to return and then click on Finish to add the job
  • A single crawl can get about 70-100 expired domains on an average of which about 2-3 are good and 1 is great in 10 of them so that makes about 7-10 awesome domains you have found using PBNLab crawler



  • Each job takes about 15 minutes to complete, so adding multiple jobs can prove very advantageous here
  • You can choose the one-week plan in which you can find the domains you want and get back later if you want
  • The PBNLab pricing is high but we can consider the value it provides as well. It also pays MOZ and MajesticSEO for the metrics too so you are getting a good deal for the dime you are paying

Name.com Domain Nabber

Name.com is a domain registrar but they have recently launched a new tool called the Name.com Domain Nabber which helps you to find expired domains very quickly. This is a backorder system that allows you to “be first in line” for when a domain drops, (expires) from the current registrant.

What provides?

  • You need to have an account on Name.com, choose the TLD and select ‘All’ in the Drop date
  • By entering the keyword, you will end up with a good list of expired domains and then use the filters to refine your search
  • The next step would be to check the different metrics of the domains by using Moz and Majestic SEO
  • If you like you can even Backorder the preferred domain which is going to expire soon so that you are the first one to buy that domain right when it expires
  • The best part of the Name.com Domain Nabber is that you can buy the domains at the cheapest price with new registration cost and no more fees
  • This service can get you some desired expired domains which you already know about but it might be tedious for you to check each and every domain manually for the preferred SEO metrics

Final Thought

My personal recommendation would be to use PBNLab as it is very simple to use and it’s totally worth the price you are going to pay and if you are in need of some really powerful expired domains for your PBN. It can find a huge volume of domains in very less time which is evident as I did a crawl a couple of weeks back and I found about 9,000 expired domains of good value. Though Expired Domains isn’t a bad choice if you are low on budget.

If you are interested in buying expired domains and are confused, feel free to drop your doubts in the comments section. I will help you to choose the best and make sure you are good to go and find some golden expired domains in your niche. Cheers!

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